FACILITIES and key instruments

Our group at Columbia runs a state-of-the art laboratory for optical and nano-optical characterization of complex materials. Versatility of infrared and optical methods can be appreciated from a quick inspection of characteristic energy scales in solids which all fall in the frequency range that can be covered using a series of instruments available in our group. Development of novel spectroscopic instrumentation is an integral part of our research effort.

Energy scales in quantum materials


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Infrared nano-spectroscopy and nano-imaging at cryogenic temperature


Spatial resolution 10 nm, scanned area 50×50 μm2, Lasers: mid-IR QCLs & CO2; Difference frequency generation 500-2500 cm-1, pump-probe capabilities. Home-built. Article

Tera-Hertz nano-spectroscopy and nano-imaging at cryogenic temperature


box33Spatial resolution 10 nm, scanned area 50×50 μm2, Light sources: THz time domain; THz-QCLs (under construction), pump-probe capabilities. Home-built.

Pump-probe nano-spectroscopy and nano-imaging


box44Spatial resolution 10 nm, hyper-spectral pump-probe imaging, temporal resolution > 35fs; Amplified fiber lasers. Neaspec scanners. Articles [225], [196], [186]

Infrared magneto-optics

box51 box52

Spectral range: 30-25,000 cm-1. Temperature range: 5-300 K. Magnetic field < 9 T. Microsample capability. Reflectance, transmission, Kerr/Faraday rotation. Bruker Interferometer, Oxford split-coil magnet. Home-built cryogenics and optics. Articles [198][161] [137] [136] [122] [119]

Table 1. Experimental characteristics of spectroscopic instruments available in the Basov laboratory at Columbia.